A Bridge Over The Pyrenees

“The ensemble dispatches these piece with aplomb, engaging the listener with carefully crafted interplay and beautifully translucent textures, yet able to engage the full magnificence of their instruments at a moment’s notice!”

“It showcases both the ensemble’s virtuosity and lyrical playing in equal measure, proving a fitting conclusion to this exceptional release. Thoroughly recommended!”

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Huw Morgan, Brass Herald


“Superb playing from living legends of the London orchestral brass scene. In these fantastic arrangements it’s sometimes hard to believe these pieces weren’t originally scored for brass. The musicianship throughout is second to none & the sound is an absolute treat.”


Joby Talbot

Composer (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Winter’s Tale, Theatre of Blood)

An Aldeburgh Musicircus

We had the pleasure of supervising all the sound for the creation of this video, and the sound an app for mobile devices that is being developed for Aldeburgh Music

This encompassed recordings of over 1000 performers over the entire length of Aldeburgh during a two hour performance!

Zeichenstaub Trio



Clément Courtin – violin,
Konstantin Sellheim – viola,
Graham Waterhouse – cello

Recorded at Dyne House Auditorium, Highgate School, London on 9 October 2012

by Alex Barnes