City of London Sinfonia – Cheryl Frances-Hoad: Scenes from the Wild

Winner of the 2022 Ivors Composer Award for Large Ensemble.

Commissioned by the City of London Sinfonia to celebrate their 50th anniversary season, Scenes from the Wild is a Song Cycle for Tenor and Chamber Orchestra, based on the book by Dara McAnulty: Diary of a Young Naturalist.

Composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad

City of London Sinfonia

Geoffrey Paterson Conductor

William Morgan Tenor

Sarah Dowling Movement Director

Recorded live in concert at Southwark Cathedral on 25 November 2021

New Equipment Update

8 camera live stream filming classical music cinematography


Following a very busy few months we are delighted to announce that we have now expanded to owning 8 matching 4K UltraHD cameras, and an 8 channel vision mixer. This allows us to record, or live stream events up to the size of a full symphony orchestra with chorus and soloists, or the most complex of chamber concerts, jazz groups, big-bands, balalaika orchestras, kazoo choirs, the possibilities are endless
We have an autocue teleprompter, perfect for recording pieces to camera without having to memorise complicated scripts. This allows you to focus on delivering your information without worrying about remaining on-message.
Lastly we have full bi-directional wireless comms for all our crew, meaning that we’re always on-top of every situation, regardless of the complexity.


Photographs courtesy of Nick Rutter and Tom Maine

Manchester Camerata, Jess Gillam, Pekka Kuusisto

In January 2021 we travelled to the amazing Stoller Hall which is the latest addition to Chetham’s School of Music, where our managing director Alexander studied. 

We filmed Manchester Camerata giving this very special concert for Radio 3, and were asked to make a special remix of the sound unique for this concert film. For more information click here, and you can read a crit of this online concert here (subscription required). 


Sound mixed by Alexander Barnes

Cameras: Ola Mesmer, Matt Jolly, Alexander Barnes

Producer: Alexander Barnes

Oxford Philharmonic Vaccine Tribute

The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra are proud to announce a special concert in tribute to the Oxford Vaccine Group, the Jenner Institute, the RECOVERY team, and all volunteers involved in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Music filmed and recorded by Apple and Biscuit

Cameras: Tom Maine, Ola Mesmer, Nick Rutter, Hafren Park 

Sound: Alexander Barnes

Producer: Alexander Barnes