We offer two different packages for recording live concerts:

Our Multitrack Concert Recording uses up to 16 microphones discretely placed to capture every detail of your concert, recorded onto separate tracks to ensure that whatever happens in your concert, we have it covered! We will set up before your rehearsal and balance the recording as you play, that way when you come to the concert, we know it will sound great.

This also allows us to record material in the rehearsal, which gives the possibility to edit in case things don’t quite go to plan.

We can hang microphones where appropriate, or use stands of varying heights, and have recorded at all the major concert venues in London, and across the country.

Alternatively we offer an Archive Recording package which uses a stereo pair of microphones carefully positioned in the optimum place. This will capture all of your concert as the audience would hear it (and often much better than!).

Archive Recordings are usually of the concert, and are set up after the rehearsal, however we can record the rehearsal if you would like the possibility of editing.

All Concert Recordings that cover rehearsals also include 1 hour of editing as standard.