4K Video & EPK

We feel that the sound is what makes a great video.

We offer 4K UltraHD video with synchronised sound, mixed from our studio microphones. We use cameramen with a thorough knowledge of classical music, who use the latest 4K cameras to shoot our footage.

We also arrange camera scripts in conjunction with our Producer and Shot Caller, and can record and edit multi-angle sessions with one or multiple cameras, including unmanned mirrorless and Mini-Cams.

These videos are perfect for YouTube promotion, auditions, DVDs, or as an archive of your live concert.

We can also offer Live Webcasting, so you can broadcast your live event to the world via the web.

Here is a promotional video we made for Siglo de Oro

Sound/Editor/Producer Alexander Barnes

Additional camera Tom Maine




An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit, and comprises a short video usually containing excerpts of music and interviews with performers, to show the world your latest venture.

We offer an EPK package where we will record your event, have a chat with you on camera, and then edit together a video promoting your concert, event, recital series, or whatever you are doing!

A typical EPK package includes a 3 hour session or concert with interview, half a day of editing, and your video posted to YouTube or a host of your choice.

Here is an EPK we made for the Southwell Music Festival:

Video by Matt Jolly.

Sound, Video Editing and Production by Alexander Barnes

Contact us for more details.